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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. How much does legal representation cost for a personal injury case?
    At The Law Offices of Edward W. Armstrong, P.C., we work on a no-win, no-fee arrangement. That means that the client will pay no attorney fees or case expenses up front. The client only pays attorney fees at the conclusion of the case, if the case is successful. Expenses, of course are reimbursed at the end of the case. This arrangement makes it possible for persons of all financial resources to sue any person or corporation that is responsible for the accident and injuries that the client sustained.
  2. Q. How do I know if I have a case?
    If you have been injured in an accident and suspect that someone may be at fault, you should call an attorney immediately to protect your legal rights. There are various time limits within which to bring a lawsuit. Timing is crucial. At our law firm, all consultations are free - it costs nothing for you to find out if you have a case.
  3. Q. Do construction accidents differ from other lawsuits?
    Yes when a worker becomes injured on a construction site, the worker is protected not only through what is known as "Common Law" negligence standards, but also under specific laws in the state of New York designed to protect the worker from injury. The Law Firm utilizes these laws whenever a worker is injured due to: 1) An unsafe condition. 2) An elevated risk - such as a fall from a ladder/scaffold or a falling object. 3) A regulation has been violated resulting in an unsafe condition.
  4. Q. What if I was partially to blame for the accident that caused my injury?
    A person's own negligence (fault) does not preclude him or her from recovering against another party who is also at fault. In the state of New York, this concept is called "comparative" negligence. Therefore, any fault of your own will only reduce the monetary award. It is not always a bar to you receiving a financial recovery.
  5. Q. Why should I choose the law firm of Edward W. Armstrong?
    At the law offices of Edward W. Armstrong, P.C. we are prepared and pursue every case as if it will go to trial and result in a jury verdict. At the law offices of Edward W. Armstrong, we attempt to develop and maintain a close working professional relationship with our clients to insure a maximum recovery for their injuries. See our We Get Results section.

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